We’re Covid-compliant

August 18, 2020

The new M2X hemp processing facility has been medically approved for Covid-compliance.

In keeping with the requirements of the Federal Centre for Disease Control (CDC), the OSHA-compliant facility is also Covid-compliant, complete with medical sign-off.  

Agile responses to design and functionality have been possible since the facility was built during the pandemic.  

The fully secured facility has dedicated operation and housing areas each with separate access points. All staff are trained in CDC compliant Covid-19 management, and issued with PPE including full body garments, masks and work boot covers. Dedicated waste and disposal procedures are in place.

Signage reinforcing distancing and sanitizing requirements, density control and maximum occupancy is aided by visual signifiers such as flooring marked at six feet intervals across each workstation. Several UV shoe and hand sanitizer stations are strategically placed throughout the facility.

On site accommodation is limited to individual living arrangements, with no shared rooms. The 24-hour facility has a managed roster of 12-hour shifts, minimizing contact between working teams. Regular health monitoring includes self assessment of potential Covid related symptoms and temperature testing before and after every shift.

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