Engineered Disruption

M2X provides mobile, modular extraction facilities for the medical Hemp Derived Cannabis (HDC) industry. We operate throughout the North American continent, independent of national, state and regional borders. Our range comprises two core types of facilities: the F and the L series.

WHo We are

Transforming the industry

M2X is part of a  vertically integrated group of businesses based in Virginia, focused on disrupting the medical Hemp Derived Cannabis (HDC) industry. We are owned by a dedicated private fund comprised predominantly of health professionals who support a long-term, research-based approach to unlocking the potential of fresh-processed HDC. Our innovative methods carefully preserve the plant's trichome and allow the plant to be fully processed within 48 hours of being harvested. We believe the processing of fresh harvested plants maximizes collection of the essential elements of the plant, allowing greater capacity to affect the human body's endocannabinoid system and thus enhance health outcomes.


Our F-series models provide a missing processing link: they allow the cannabinoids in fresh harvested hemp to be extracted on farm. This unlocks new potential for medical grade HDC products by allowing hemp to be processed to a high quality full spectrum crude oil within 48 hours of harvest - a technique which preserves the maximum amount of terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids available in the plant. The F-series models generally follow the sun between May and November, supporting the optimal harvest window for different growing regions.


Our L-series models extract crude oil from dry biomass for CBD, CBG and CBN isolate. The L-series models are designed to operate year-round across North America, and are thus well positioned to efficiently resolve any residual crops from previous harvests

our values

Our core values UNDERPIN the way we do business


The introduction of new processes, services, or products to affect positive change within our industry


The power to move quickly and easily in order to adapt to our customers' requirements


A balance between environmental, financial and social outcomes.

WHAT we do


Step 1: Mobilize

Our facilities have been designed from the ground up to be fully transportable, so the entire facility can be delivered to a regional location (a site central to a cluster of growing sites). Once modules are delivered to the regional location, they are assembled into a functional compound on a 'plug and play' basis. The components and associated equipment are rigorously tested and re-calibrated prior to commissioning the facility for operation by our onsite technicians. The entire mobilization process takes approximately one week.

Step 2: Operate

Once commissioned, our facilities operate on a 24-7 basis to ensure maximal efficiency value for each regional location. The three key stages of our operations are Recieval, Production, and Delivery.
In terms of quality assurance and waste management, our operations include both a fully equipped testing laboratory, and a dedicated waste processing facility. The last stage of operation is the decommissioning process.

Step 3: Demobilize

Once decommissioned, our facilities are deconstructed and prepared for transport to the next regional site. This process takes about a week to complete, with the transport performed by third party logistics contractors.

How we operate

Our standard operating proceDure at each location

Stage 1 - Recieval

Shipment of hemp biomass is received from the grower in either a freshly harvested form or dry form direct from a storage location.
For freshly harvested hemp, the whole plant is received direct from the field, typically within an hour of the stem being cut. The equipment has high volume capacities that remove any bottlenecks in the time-sensitive harvest process. This part of the process is conducted in association with our partner organization, Orenda Hemp.
For dried and stored hemp, which is not time sensitive, the biomass is received in bulk bags and goes directly into the milling section within the compound.

Stage 2 - Production

The production stage is tailored to the input of fresh or dried hemp biomass.
For fresh hemp, the whole plant is separated into stalk, and Leaf, Flower and Seed (LFS). We separate the LFS, then pass it through the dehydration process. We dehydrate rather than dry with heat in order to preserve the maximum quality and quantity of the cannabinoid, terpenoid and flavonoid profile. We believe this underpins the therapeutic efficacy of the end product.
For dried and stored hemp, which is already less than 10% water, the production process is focused on high volume extraction of isolates which is then sold to wholesalers.
We fully recycle both the stalk and each waste stream resulting from the extraction process, including the water. We are currently collaborating with a series of research and development partners to make value added products such as bioplastics, biofuel, recreational performance equipment and consumer packaging.

Stage 3 - Delivery

Due to the high value nature of of this oil, and the complexities of transport between jurisdictions, we transport our extracted product by air using a Pilatus PC-12 turbo prop aircraft.
The custom configuration of our PC-12 provides a payload of 600kg the equivalent of three oil filled drums.
The logistical efficiency of the PC-12 allows fresh product to be quickly moved to Renova Labs for final processing.

Partner with us

get involved

We are actively seeking partners who share our vision of exploring the possibilities of Hemp Derived Cannabis (HDC) extraction. We have structured arrangements with two types of partners, depending upon the type of product and the associated model of equipment.

Fresh Product Partners

For our F-series models, we work with our cultivation management partner, Orenda Hemp, to identify "regional site location", a cluster of growers within a 50 miles radius of a central location. When developing a regional site, M2X will work with local landowners to identify a suitable site to locate the mobile extraction facility. Two to four acres of land is required and a period of 5-10 weeks, timed around crop harvest. The land is not required to have any infrastructure or services, any required site development is paid for initially by M2X as part of a long term (5 year) lease agreement. The site improvements then vest to the landowner upon completion of the lease.

Dried Product Partners

Our L-series of models are capable of processing between 5,000 and 10,000 lbs of dry biomass per day, and our extraction technicians can tailor the process to suit variations in product quality and age. We are seeking growers who have biomass left over from the 2019 season and wish to have it processed on site, thereby reducing the logistics requirement and cost.
We are open to agreements ranging from simple tolling to straight-out purchase, or a hybrid of the two. While we prefer consistency of product, we can consider variation in quantity, strain and quality, and will assess each enquiry on a case by case basis.



We maintain a policy of employing local labor and service providers on a short term basis to complement our permanent mobile workforce. We currently have openings for both categories at our Southern Virginia site for the 2020 season.

Temporary Local Workforce

Electrical Technicians

Posted 07/31/20

Call out for Virginia state licensed electrical tradespersons available as a combination of standard day-work and 24/7 maintenance. Contract profile - 6 months commencing September, 2020. Base Location - Clarksville, Virginia.

Email us to apply

Equipment Operators

Posted 07/31/20

We have up to six positions available operating our unloading machines to support the harvest period for approximately four weeks in October and into the start of November. Shift profile will be 8 hrs per day on a rotating shift basis. Clarksville, Virginia location.

Email us to apply

Security Personnel

Posted 08/15/20

We require up to six Virginia state licensed security personnel to assist with managing our Clarksville facility. Shift profile will be 8 hrs per day on a rotating basis. Contract profile - 4 months commencing October, 2020. Clarksville, Virginia location.

Email us to apply

Permanent Mobile Workforce

Extraction Technicians

Posted 07/31/20

Multiple experienced technicians required with a minimum of 3 years experience in medical cannabis extraction required to work within a small team on a shift work basis. Shift profile is rotating 12 hours per day for 2 weeks per month. Positions are Drive-in/Drive-out (DIDO) or Fly-in/Fly-out (FIFO) with accommodation provided on site.

Email us to apply

On-Site Managers

Posted 07/31/20

This position is based on site and covers both operational works and accommodation support. Oversees the day  to day operations of the extraction operations, maintenance of all facilities, and all accommodation and catering functions. Shift profile is non-rotating 12 hours over the day for 2 weeks per month. Positions are Drive-in/Drive-out (DIDO) or Fly-in/Fly-out (FIFO) with accommodation provided on site.

Email us to apply

Strategic partners

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